2024 Service Plan Proposal – 2 Line / East Subarea

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Service Plan. The feedback period for this online open house was from July 10 to Aug. 6, 2023 and is now closed. For more information about the 2024 Service Plan please visit our website.

2 Line – East Link and Downtown Redmond Extensions

We invite you to learn about the proposed changes in the east subarea and share your feedback with us.

Information on the north and south subareas is available on the 2024 Service Plan website.

The Sound Transit Board will soon decide whether to open eight new Link light rail stations in Bellevue and Redmond in spring 2024. Service would operate as a first phase of the 2 Line, with service every 10 minutes seven days per week between South Bellevue and Redmond Technology stations.

2 Line service between Redmond Technology–Lynnwood City Center stations was originally scheduled to open in mid-2023, with service extending to Downtown Redmond in 2024. Due to construction quality issues and necessary repair work on the I-90 portion of the project, Sound Transit delayed the schedule for both openings. But the 6.3-mile segment between South Bellevue and Redmond Technology stations could be ready to welcome passengers in spring 2024. When fully open in 2025, the 2 Line will run more than 34 miles between Downtown Redmond–Lynnwood City Center stations.

The Board will review the proposal to open a portion of the 2 Line in August and will make a final decision in October.

Full map of proposed Sound Transit service changes Map showing proposed East Link Starter Line (2 Line) service | Click to enlarge

2 Line opening – proposal highlights:

  • A first phase of the 2 Line could open from South Bellevue to Redmond Technology Stations as soon as spring 2024.
  • This segment would include eight new 2 Line stations: South Bellevue, East Main, Downtown Bellevue, Wilburton, Spring District, Bel-Red, Overlake Village and Redmond Technology.
  • The 6.3-mile line would likely run every 10 minutes, seven days a week.
  • Given staffing constraints, service may operate for fewer hours a day than the current 1 Line, possibly as short as 14 hours per day.
  • No changes to service are planned for the ST Express Routes that serve East King County (routes 542, 545, 550, 554 or 556) until the full 2 Line opens and crosses Lake Washington.
  • When the full 2 Line opens, Sound Transit will work closely with our partners at King County Metro to finalize the planned East Link Connections bus restructure which will eliminate the need for some ST Express routes.

2 Line timeline:

  • August 2023 – The Board will consider including launching a first phase of the 2 Line in the 2024 Service Plan.
  • October 2023 – Following the analysis required for the 2024 Service Plan, including the Service and Fare Equity (SAFE) analysis, the Board will consider action to authorize the opening of passenger service on the 2 Line from South Bellevue Station to Redmond Technology Station.
  • 2024 – Pending Board approval, the 2 Line could open between South Bellevue and Redmond Technology stations with a possible opening timeframe of spring 2024.
  • 2025 – The full 2 Line will extend to Lynnwood and Downtown Redmond.
A Link light rail train approaches an elevated station as pedestrians and bus connections move about on the ground-level.
A Link light rail train approaches an elevated station as an ST Express Bus waits at the station.

Service and Fare Equity (SAFE) Analysis

The agency conducts these analyses to determine the potential benefits and adverse effects of proposed changes and to consider the impacts of these changes on two historically overlooked groups: minority and low-income communities.

Sound Transit conducted a service equity analysis for the proposed 2 Line. The analysis concluded that there are no disparate impacts or disproportionate burdens associated with the opening of the 2 Line. There are no changes to fares associated with its implementation, so no fare equity analysis was needed.

With the 2 Line opening without any changes or reductions to other services in the region, everyone in the 2 Line service area stands to benefit from increased service. Its operations could provide immediate benefits to residents by opening rail access to essential jobs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and other important destinations.

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Next steps

Project timeline

July-August 2023

  • Public comment period
  • Online open house and survey (through Aug. 6)
  • Community-based organization outreach
  • Virtual public meeting: July 17 from 6 - 7 p.m.
  • Virtual public meeting: July 26 from 6 - 7 p.m.

August-September 2023

  • Review public input

October 2023

  • Sound Transit Board adoption process

December 2023

  • Post final 2024 Service Plan